Photos submitted by Adrian 423

Main Control

The sign "says it all"

Map of the Trial

ACRM Operators

ACRM 49 Operator (Treasurer)

ACRM 48 Operator (President)

ACRM 141 Operator

Radio that was used

Computer Screen showing Control Information


Computer used for all Information

Ben Zander (Official) requesting some information from 141

Ken Cunningham, St John Co-ordinator

MASA Steward - John Songalia

24 Hr Trial Committee Personnel - Maria Caust facing camera

Scoring Personnel - Jenny Bennett & Ean Murby

Some of the 24 Hour Trial Committee members & MASA Steward (L)

The Main Control Tent

The Sporting Clubrooms at the Eudunda Oval that the 24 Hr Trial Committee & other organisations work from

The track in & out

Husband & Wife Team, Steven & Sheralee Waldhuter cooking for everyone

A solo rider about to leave

The "Haydon Parents" waiting in their car for the riders to return on the last lap to see if their Grand Children finished the event

L- R: Travis Busch (Solo Rider) Jamie Reese talking to each other prior to Travis leaving. They used to ride Sidecars together

Rider No 180 - Neil White (Last Competitor)

Brownlow Control

Brownlow Control "in action"

423's Caravan located straight across from the Control so that ALL can work as a TEAM

423's Portable Radio

Ariel Club Member, Wayne recording Riders details

Other Controls

A Route Check Control

The "Dodgey Brothers"

Parcoola Control

The sign for rider to abide by at the Route Check

Bikes on the track in a creek area prior to Brownlow Control

Sidecar No. 1 - Hector Evans/Adrian Rohrlach coming into the creek

Sidecar No. 1 - Hector Evans/Adrian Rohrlach going out

Sidecar No. 2 - Max Hutcheson/San Hutcheson in the creek

Sidecar No. 6 - Glen Bowles/Matt Lee approaching

Sidecar No.8 - Jake Schutz/Josh Schutz coming in

Solo No. 33 - Tom Emery coming in

Solo No. 36  - Kristy Schultz coming in

Solo No. 39 - Matthew Blenkiron coming in

Solo No. - 40 - Brett Tomkins going out

Solo No. - 43 - David Boehm going out

Solo No. 47 - Sean Keller coming in

Solo No. 47 - Sean Keller going out

Solo No. 47 - Sean Keller out of the creek

Solo No. 49 - Matt Reimann coming in

Solo No. 49 - Matt Reimann coming out

Solo No. 49 - Matt Reimann just out